Low-Cost Air Quality Monitoring Packages

Developed by Mike Bergin Lab at Duke University

Materials and Equipment Needed

To build sensor packages, the following materials and equipment are needed (per sensor, unless otherwise noted):

  1. Circuitry
    1. A printed circuit board (PCB) with components soldered on (see PCB Assembly for additional information about components).
  2. Sensors
    1. Plantower PMS3003 sensor - note that you will want to make sure that the Plantower comes with a green wiring switch board (see photo) otherwise it can be difficult to connect to the PCB; many of the Plantowers being sold online do not come with this piece
    2. PM Sensor
    3. Alphasense gas sensors are gas detection monitors and can be purchased here.
  3. Cords for power supply
    1. Barrel jack-to-USB cord (for power supply)
    2. USB-to-wall adaptor if the sensor is going to be plugged in, otherwise it can be powered via battery plugged in using the barrel jack-to-USB cord
  4. Cases to contain sensor components
    1. The type of case or enclosure will depend on your application. The most basic version of the sensor packages includes these hard, waterproof cases, which work well for indoor and outdoor stationary monitoring applications. See additional case options under the Enclosures tab
  5. Optional Battery
    1. For personal/portable sensors or if wall power is not available
    2. Xiaomi 20000mAH battery: We have used these batteries extensively with the sensor packages and have found them to be reliable, and the batteries last approximately 3 days if fully charged
  6. Any desired gas sensors