Low-Cost Air Quality Monitoring Packages

Developed by Mike Bergin Lab at Duke University

Parts Connected to the PCB

The printed circuit board (PCB) contains all of the circuitry needed to run the sensors and to log data to an SD card. We have used the following company (Power Design Services) to build PCBs. Boards can be purchased with components already soldered on, or the boards can be purchased first, and you can solder the additional components (e.g., voltage regulator, temperature and relative humidity sensor, headers, etc.) on after receiving the boards. Components connected to the PCB are as follows:

Source Part Number Part Name Quantity Location Notes Link
adafruit 2671 NALE header 2.00 mm 1/15 Alphasense Link
Amazon 1N5817 Diode 1 D1 Link
macetech CR1632 Chronodor RTC 1 Clock Link
MDFLY PRT-SH2513 Teensy female header 1/5 2 13-pin sockets moutned on TEENSY slot on PCB Link
PJRC TEENSY32 Teensy 3.2 1 Plugs into female headers Link
PJRC SD_ADAPTER sd card adapter 1 plugs into headers on SD1, SD2 Link
pololu 1017 Teensy female header 1 7-pin socket mounted on TEENSY slot on PCB Link
pololu 1015 SD Card Headers 2 SD1, SD2 Link
pololu S7V7F5 Voltage regulator 1 Regulator Link
pololu 1025 CO2 header 1 2x5 Pin Female Header Link
pololu 1018 PM2.5 header 1 1x8 Pin Female Header Link
sparkfun 10811 Barrel Jack 1 Link
sparkfun COM-09590 LED 1 LED Link
sparkfun 116 Male header 2 Teensy, SD Card Adapter Link
sparkfun 13761 100K resistor 1 100K Link
sparkfun 11508 10K resistor 3 LEDR, 10k, 10k Link
sparkfun SHT15 Temperature/Humidity Sensor 1 Temp/Humid Link

PCB with parts soldered on: Top Side

Top view of PCB with parts soldered on

PCB with parts soldered on: Bottom Side

Bottom view of PCB with parts soldered on

CO2 Wiring